Vitamin D3 + K2 drops
Vitamin D3 + K2 drops
Vitamin D3 + K2 drops
Vitamin D3 + K2 drops
Vitamin D3 + K2 drops
Vitamin D3 + K2 drops

Vitamin D3 + K2 drops

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Vitamin D has a special place among the vitamins, since the skin of healthy people can form it with the help of sunlight. The body's ability to produce vitamin D is influenced by many factors (season, skin pigmentation, skin covered with clothing or sunscreen, use of certain medicines) and decreases with age.

Like vitamin A, D and E, Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamins.

The active form of vitamin K2 from menaquinone, which is very easily absorbed by the body, is essential for healthy bone metabolism and normal blood clotting. 

Functions of vitamin D3 + K2

  • Contributes to maintaining normal bones, teeth and muscle function
  • Contributes to normal use of calcium and phosphorus in the blood
  • Supports water accumulation in the body's tissue
Organic coconut oil, MCT medium-chain triglycerides, cholecalciferol
50 µg vitamin K2
25 µg vitamin D3 (= 1.000 i.U.)
1 x daily 1 drop take with a meal


Gluten free

Lactose free


Yeast free

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Food supplements are not a substitute for a varied diet. A balanced diet and healthy lifestyle are important. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Keep out of reach of small children. Store in a cool and dry place.

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